Top 5 Best Air Fryers in India 2019 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to buy air fryer? If your answer is yes then you are on the right article. Now you can cook healthy food with less oil at you home. In this article discuss all about best air fryers in India and give their review.

What is Air Fryer? 

Air fryer is kitchen appliance uses convection mechanism to cook food by circulating hot air around the food.

We highly recommend you to Read: Air fryer Buying Guide at the end of this article for in depth knowledge and thing to consider while buying it.

Most of the air fryer models come in two liter to six liter capacity. Air fryer vary in model and it is time saver as it is a lot speedier than different methods of cooking such as deep frying or using oven. There is no need of pre heating in air fryer so it’s faster than oven. Using air fryer is healthier than deep frying.

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  • 5 Best Air Fryers in India 2019
    • 1. Havells Pro life Plus 4-litre 1230- watt air Fryer
    • 2. Kenster aster 1500 watt oxy fryer (cherry red)
    • 3. Hilton 3.5 L Air fryer, Black
    • 4. Phillips daily collection HD9216 Air fryer with rapid air technology (white)
    • 5. Inalsa air fryer 2.9 l fry light with 1400 watt and smart rapid air technology (Black/grey)
  • Best air fryer buying guide
  • Things to consider while buying an air fryer
    • How to clean air fryer
    • Conclusion

5 Best Air Fryers in India 2019

1. Havells Pro life Plus 4-litre 1230- watt air Fryer

The Havells Pro life Plus 4-litre 1230- watt air Fryer have innovative air filtration system with timer and temperature control and also has food separator in it. This Havells air fryer price around Rs 11k and is the best air fryer in it class.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 11,747


  • The unique rapid air technology helps you to prepare food with 84% less oily
  • The temperature control knob comes with 80 to 2000c
  • It has integrated air filtration system which avoids any kind of odor in kitchen.
  • The basket is made of non stick coated food grade aluminum
  • It has 2 liter large basket and 4 liter extra large pan
  • The cool touch handle helps you to avoid burn
  • There is adjustable thermostat control to prepare different types of cuisines
  • Power consumption is 1230

Pros of product:

  • It is safe to operate and use
  • There is customize Indian cooking menu
  • There is a separator which lets you cook multiple food items and also saves time and energy

Cons of product:

  • There is no digital display

2. Kenster aster 1500 watt oxy fryer (cherry red)

The Kenster aster 1500 watt oxy fryer (cherry red) has the capacity of 3 liter and comes with timer and temperature controls and air outlet vent with power cord. This kenstar air fryer price is around 9k.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 9,891


  • It comes with the capacity of 3 liters because of which you can cook many dishes very easily even though food is much in amount
  • The power cord is 1.2 meter long which is very convenient to use
  • There is air outlet vent which helps to expel odor
  • The timer and temperature control knob helps to set time which is 30 minutes and temperature between 80 degrees to 200 degrees
  • Power consumption is 1500 watts

Pros of product:

  • There are 2 LED indicators which lets you know when power is on and when heating is in progress
  • There is hidden handle in this air fryer which helps you to handle or carry easily and using it you can easily push the handle back

Cons of product:

  • Steel containers cannot be used in this air fryer

3. Hilton 3.5 L Air fryer, Black

The Hilton 3.5 L Air fryer is a budget friendly air fryer which comes with internal thermal fuse and collapsible top handle

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 4,999


  • There is a timer and temperature control knob
  • The capacity of food basket is 2 liter
  • Easy to clean
  • Power consumption is 1200 watts
  • There is cool touch housing handle which helps you to avoid heat while trying to open

Pros of product:

  • It has anti-skidding feet which helps to avoid any slipping while its been used

Cons of product:

  • It does not have digital display
  • There is no grill option

4. Phillips daily collection HD9216 Air fryer with rapid air technology (white)

The Philips air fryer daily collection HD9216 with rapid air technology (white) has unique design and has timer with auto shut off feature.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 7,929


  • It cooks the food using rapid air technology and does not uses any oil
  • It has star fish design on the bottom to make food cook evenly
  • You can fry, grill, roast, bake using this air fryer
  • It avoids any kind of odor formation
  • It is easy to clean and wash
  • There is handle, which makes it more easier to use or open basket

Pros of product:

  • There is timer with auto shut off feature ,which shuts down automatically when the cooking period is finished in order to avoids the burning of food

Cons of product:

  • It does not have digital display

5. Inalsa air fryer 2.9 l fry light with 1400 watt and smart rapid air technology (Black/grey)

The Inalsa Air fryer 2.9 liter fry light comes with non stick basket of capacity 2.9 liter and pan capacity of 4.2 liters

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 3,990


  • The food basket is coated with non stick material and is easy to clean
  • It has cool to touch handle with hand grip
  • Has non slip feet which allows it to stay in one place
  • The food basket capacity is 2.9 liter and pan capacity is 4.2 liters
  • There is adjustable timer and temperature control knob which shuts off automatically when cooking is done
  • Power consumption of 1400 watts

Pros of product:

  • There is power and heating LED indicator lights to let you know when its stared and while heating

Cons of product:

  • Occupies more space

Best air fryer buying guide

How It Works

Firstly, when you place the food inside the basket and close the air fryer by setting the desired timer and temperature, the hot air circulates and cooks the food and also crisps up the food with in short period of time. Air fryer helps to cook food by rapid air technology. The air flows in vertical direction and heat gets distributed evenly inside only. Which results the cooking similar to deep frying but without excessive oil and grease. There is a heater element which radiates heat directly to the food. Cooking air is internally re-circulated but when temperature inside increases pressure also increases. So it has special exhaust feature.  The steam is passed only through exhaust but it is filtered before it is released in the open air.

Benefits of using Air Fryer

  • Cooks food evenly

The food inside the air fryer gets cooked evenly because heat inside gets distributed evenly. To get better results like getting crispy food, you can just pre heat the air fryer for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • User friendly and time saving

Making food is no more a bother because just pre heat for few minutes and put the food inside the fryer and set the timer and continues with other chores. When it is done the timer beeps and let you know that food is ready to eat.

  • No oil required and produces healthy meal

There is no oil required to cook any food. And also cooking without oil also gives you a crispy layer and also food prepared is healthier.

  • Versatile

Different types of food can be prepared without any delay. You can also use steel, glass or even foil in it for cooking.

  • Easy to clean

For hassle free cleaning it is made of non stick material. You can usually use detergent for dissolving oil, just leave detergent soak in water for few minutes and then clean it. Before cleaning air fryer let it cool for 30 minutes. All parts such as grill, pan and basket are removable so it is easy to clean.

  • Automatic timer off

The timers can be preset and you can check your food without messing settings. When your meal is ready there is sound indicator which alerts you that your meal is ready and if you leave as it is then fryer will automatically switch off to prevent over cooking or burning.

  • It is convenient to use

The air fryer does have fast working performance because it can cook multiple dishes at once. It helps to prepare meal with in minutes and also eliminates all fatty oils.

  • Food a separator

Some air fryers come’s with food a separator which helps you to prepare multiple meals at once. Food separators avoid mixing of flavors.

  • Health

Fryers let you have healthier dishes, which lets out fattening oil and helps to produce food with less fat. Air fryer can help you lose weight as well you can have your favorite food without any diet.

  • No grease no mess

When there is no oil used, then there is no chance of greasy stains. But if you need your food to be enough crispy then spray little bit of oil before cooking.

Things to consider while buying an air fryer

Size and capacity

You have to consider its size before buying so that it can fit in your kitchen counter top. The capacity is also important because rather than preparing food or snacks in small quantity people prefer preparing bit large amount of food or even at least full meals at once. Most of fryer comes between 2 liter to 6 liters .small families with 4 to 5 people can go for 2 liter air fryer and families with 7 to 8 people can go for 3 liter to 6 liter air fryer, which is sufficient.

Temperature controller

While buying air fryer do look for temperature controls settings because, without temperature control setting it would have been difficult to cook various dishes and also consider look for other type of settings such as different mode setting which will make cooking easier.

Most of air fryer cooks food well at over 400˚ high temperature which is also advantage for cooking quickly. There will be indicator lights to specify cooking process.

Power consumption

It is important to know the wattage of the appliance before buying. Generally the wattage of air fryer ranges between 700 watts to 1500 watts

Digital display

The digital display allows you to control time and temperature, for cooking it makes it easy with digital display. You can see the settings easily and track the time and temperature with digital display.

Timer function

You can set the timer by pressing or adjusting the buttons, the temperature can also be set. The food is ready to eat when timer is off. Some air fryers comes with preset programs, you can set those preset programs if you are unsure for particular food item.

Price and warranty

Before buying do consider whether the price is suitable for your budget, and also look for warranty because usually you get warranty of 1 year for such items.

Automatic functionality

These air fryers have automatic cooking process so you can avoid standing in front of it just like other cooking process as stove. There are two types of air fryer one is stirring paddle tefal acti fry and other is mesh bottom cooking basket sitting on a drip tray. The whole cooking process is done by machine so that can make you have some free time to do other chores.

How to clean air fryer

Cleaning Air fryer is not at all a hard task. To maintain good condition of the Air Fryer, you have to clean it on regular basis. Air Fryers have various accessories which can be detached and cleaned.

  • First of all you have to take out the food basket and pan etc rinse it well
  • Then use detergent, and soak it in warm water for 40 minutes to an hour
  • Later you can scrub it gently and wash it
  • Wipe it and let it dry
  • Later take a dry clothe and wipe the air fryer gently


By using air fryers you get to prepare healthy meals with low fat and become healthy because of oil free food. There is no need to stay back and look for air fryer while its still cooking because it does a beep sound whenever the cooking is completed and lets you know that it is done and it does shuts off automatically so that food doesn’t burn down. In few air fryers there won’t be any indicator or beep sound when it is done but it will have automatic shut off as safety feature and you can cook any thing without any worries. Cooking can be done without any fuss. And don’t forget to clean your Air fryer after every use

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