10 Best Car Perfumes in India 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t love the freshness and smell of a new car? The mildness and crispness of the scent takes over your entire mood and gives your car a completely new look and feel.

Unfortunately, with consistent use, the freshness and brand new look starts to wear off. There might be a smell of leftover food, shoes, and other things in your car.

Think what will happen if someone comes and sit in your car? Will they like the car smell? What kind of impression will it leave? To safeguard yourself from such embarrassment, it is best that you use a car freshener or perfume.

Car perfume is used to eliminate and diminish the bad odour from your car. You can also use it to create a pleasing atmosphere in the car and enjoy the relaxation period.

Car perfume is easily available in the market. You can find many brands selling varied kinds of car perfumes and fresheners available so it becomes hard to just choose one.  Hence, you need a little searching to buy the best product.

Best Car Perfumes in India 2019

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What Works for It: Long Lasting, Spill Proof Gel Technology

Godrej Aer Twist is one of the most well-known brands of car perfumes in India. The Fresh Lush Green fragrance from the Aer Twist line of car fresheners has a refreshing, natural aroma that fills your aroma with long-lasting fragrance.

You will definitely smell a ‘lemony’ aroma as well as certain other earthy tones as well. However, the refreshing fragrance is not the only thing that works for it! Godrej Aer Twist lasts long, really long! Godrej says that it lasts for 60 days, but in some cases, we have seen it last a little bit longer that as well.

Unlike the majority of car perfumes, Godrej aer twist has a gel instead of a liquid. This ensures that you don’t lose any of the fragrance by spilling off. This also helps the fragrance to last longer than most of the car perfumes out there.

The minimalist design of the bottle makes it a good addition to your dashboard. So, if you are looking for a fragrance that refreshes you for days at a stretch, then you should go for Godrej Aer Twist Fresh Lush Green. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for it: Unique and Exotic Fragrance, Long Lasting, Spill-proof

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the AER Twist lines of Car Perfumes is the variety of flavours. Rich Irish Cocktail is one such popular fragrance from Godrej AerTwist.

The Fragrance is based upon the smell of freshly bloomed Iris flowers from the lush gardens of Ireland. This makes the fragrance exotic as well as simple at the same time.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea and you might find other fragrances from Aer twist to be more refreshing. But, if you like elegance combined with simplicity, then you would love the Rich Irish Cocktail.

The fragrance lasts well up to 60 days. Another smart advantage of this car perfume is that it comes in gel form. This prevents it from spilling over when your car runs into a bump.

The bottle comes in a unique purple colour which adds a touch of elegance to your dashboard. So, if you want some that are unique and elegant, without going over the top, then the Rich Irish Cocktail fragrance from Godrej Aer Twist is definitely something you should look at. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for It: Natural fragrance Boosts energy, reduces stress

My Shaldan is one of the most reputed brands of gel car fresheners in the world, since 1948. The Orange car fragrance from My Shaldan has been one of the most popular fragrances from this Japanese company.

The fragrance is made from natural oils derived from as many 500 fresh oranges. This makes it a natural and refreshing fragrance that would welcome you every time you get inside your car.

One of the biggest USPs of My Shaldan Orange Car Freshener is that it comes with natural limonene oil. Limonene oil is medically proven to reduce stress and boost your energy levels. This is something that you would not find in any other brand of car perfumes and that itself makes My Shaldan orange car air freshener one of the smart choices.

Since the car perfume is gel-based, it lasts longer than other, liquid-based fragrances. The price is also quite reasonable, given the advantages of the product.

Overall, we would say that My Shaldan Orange Car Air Freshener is a rich, long-lasting aromatic car fragrance that gives you a fresh boost of energy every time you get inside your car. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for It: Refreshing fragrance, stress-buster, energy-booster

My Shaldan is a Japanese brand of car perfumes that has been growing strong since 1948. In all these years, the brand has earned the reputation of coming with truly natural fragrances.

The Lime Car Air Freshener from My Shaldan is no exception. This gel-based air car perfume is made from natural oils from 500 fresh lime fruits. So, if you want to bring the refreshing aroma of lime right in your car, then you must pick this up.

One of the biggest USPs of car perfumes from My Shaldan is that they use limonene oil. Limonene oil has been used in ancient Japanese medicine for centuries. This oil is effective in beating stress and also gives you a boost in energy that would allow you to take on the challenges of the day.

Since the perfume is gel-based, it usually lasts for about 60 days. We like the fact of how effectively the fragrance diffuses into the air. So, even if you are sitting in the back row, you would feel engrossed by the aroma.

My Shaldan Lime Car Air Freshener is perfect for those who are looking for a long-lasting fragrance that is refreshing as well as impressive. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for it:  Works effectively in large cars, musk based fragrance

IONE01 Musk Organic Car Perfume is a premium offering from Involve Your Senses. The product retails for about 350 Rupees for 40g. That might sound a little bit steep but believe me, the price is justified.

The fragrance is based on genuine musk. You don’t get that often in a car freshener. The fragrance is designed with much care and attention and it shows! We loved the musk tones which lends a touch of elegance to your car, without being too overenthusiastic.

People, who have large cars like full-sized Sedans, SUV or MPVs, often complain that fragrance from most car perfumes doesn’t spread throughout the car. You really have to sniff for it when you are seated in the back row.

However, with IONE01 Musk Organic Car Perfume that is never an issue. The fragrance easily diffuses throughout the car and would engross the person seating in the back.

The car perfume lasts long and it also comes with an on/off button so that you can save it when you don’t need to use it. So, if you have bought your dream SUV and you don’t want to ruin the experience of being inside it, then we would recommend going for IONE01 Musk Organic Car Perfume. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for it:  Free from any harmful chemicals, rich fragrance, DrivFresh technology

Do you love to feel like an 80’s superstar in your car, listening to jazz music while you drive? Well, such drivers are few but they sure know how to make driving a rich experience.

Now, to set such a mood while driving, the Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Freshener with DrivFresh from Involve Your Senses might just be the thing you need. Involve as a brand has always been known to put a good deal of effort behind their car perfumes.

Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Freshener with DrivFresh is designed to create the perfect retro mood that you desire. The subtle earthy notes are perfectly complemented by the rich floral notes. This makes it perfect for those who want a classic, retro mood when they drive.

This perfume comes with DrivFresh technology. This means that the perfume would only be used when you are driving your car, not when you have parked your car.

The fragrance also lasts long and gets spread across the car even if you are driving an SUV or MPV. So, get Involve Your Senses Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Freshener with DrivFresh and bring back the ‘classic’ feel. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for It: Refreshing Citrus Fragrance, Long Lasting, Works in Large Cars

Involve Your Senses have been known for their range of car fresheners. Its IONE02 Citrus Organic Car Perfume brings a refreshing feel to your car which makes driving even more pleasurable.

The fragrance resembles that of a bunch of fresh lime. What made us happy is that the lime scent was not as strong as most of the other products in the market are.

There are a number of other features that you might like. For example, this perfume is free from harmful chemicals, which keeps you and your loved ones safe from harm.

The perfume diffuses easily throughout the car, even if it’s a large SUV or MPV. So, get IONE02 Citrus Organic Car Perfume and light up the mood in your car. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for it: Amazing fragrance

Areon is a European company that manufactures quality car fresheners. It does spend a lot on advertising and believes in the old school way of giving a better product to their customers and let ‘word of mouth marketing’ follow.

We don’t know about the sales they are getting with that approach, but they sure know a thing or two about making great car perfumes.

Areon Wish Car Gel boasts of a fragrance that is impactful without being strong. It would give a refreshing feel to your car. The gel would last well up to 45 days. However, we wished for it to last longer.

Most other products in this category would last up to 60 days. But keeping that aside, there is nothing to complain about this product. So, if you are looking for something that is bold yet not offensive, then this the right pick for you. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for It:  Unique combination of sweet citrus and zest fragrance, long-lasting, easy on and off

Ambi Pure is one of the most popular brands of car perfumes in the country today. Firstly, you have the fragrance. It would be hard to describe the impression that this car perfume creates.

The citrus creates an air of elegance and the zest brings an earthy feel. When two of them are combined together, you get a fragrance that is subtle yet impressive.

The enchanting citrus freshness lives up to 45 days. With the push of a button, you can switch the fragrance on or off.

This prolongs the life as well. We would definitely recommend that you try Ambi Pur Sweet Citrus and Zest Air freshener if you want to give a touch of elegance to your car and make your driving, a better experience. Buy Now from Amazon  


What Works for It: A unique fragrance, long-lasting, minimalistic design.

Car perfumes play an important part in shaping our driving experience. So, if you want your driving experience to be truly unique, then you getting the Godrej Aer twist, Car Air Freshener – Musk After Smoke would be a good option.

What makes this unique is the fragrance. It perfectly combines the elegance of musk along with the earthy tones of smoke.

When the two comes together, you get a fragrance that makes a real impact. The elegant fragrance is perfectly complemented by the elegant design of the container which adds to the beauty of the dashboard.

The fragrance lasts well up to 60 days. So, you also get good value for money as well. Overall, we would say that the Godrej Aer twist, Car Air Freshener – Musk After Smoke is perfect for people who want a truly exquisite driving experience. Buy Now from Amazon  



The cost of the car perfume or freshener also needs to be considered before you buy one. There are varied products available in all kinds of budget segments.

Pick one which suits your budget. Remember that you will use a car perfume for a long time and repeatedly. Hence, choose something which will suit your needs for longer times.


What kind of smell entices you? It completely depends on your personal preferences.

Do you like floral smells like the lily, rose, or jasmine or do you like more woody and earthy smells? If you are allergic to strong smells, never opt for an over-powering scent.


If you are unable to understand what you want to buy, then it’s best to choose a perfume which has good reviews. Read reviews online. Learn from the experience of others and compare.


You want to diminish the bad odour for a long time. There’s no point in buying a car perfume repeatedly.

Hence, you should buy a long-lasting car perfume which at least lasts for a month. Buy vent sticks or oil wicks as they last long.


Do you have a small or a big car? A bigger car has more air space and hence requires a large product such as a spray. Whereas, a smaller car will work with vent sticks.


Do you want to save extra money, and save your time in buying a car perfume repeatedly? Then it’s best to buy a refillable car freshener. Most top quality comes in the refillable form.


There are various kinds of car perfumes available in the market today. Before buying one, it is essential that you understand the different types.

a. Oil Wicks

Oil wicks are scented perfumes clipped on car air’s vents in which a glass bottle and wick transport the oil to the top made of plastic. The air from vent vaporises the oil and distributes it evenly.

Oil wicks are little expensive but are long-lasting and of high-quality.

b. Can Style

A can style or gel air freshener have gel scent inside a container with holes in it. They are most versatile and can be placed under the car seat or on the dashboard.

They last long but do not work well with limited airflow.

c. Cardboard

Hanging cardboard air freshener releases the scent when exposed to air and are usually hanged on the rearview mirror. They do not last long but have strong fragrances.

If you are looking to buy a perfume just for little time, then this is the best bet to buy.

d. Spray

Spray fragrances are the quick fix. They act fast and can be sprayed directly to the car seat or anywhere in the car excluding near engine.

They eliminate odour and sanitises the air by killing the odour causing bacteria.


If you drive a car, you need a car perfume. A car perfume helps to eliminate bad odour and provide the much-needed freshness to your car.

It makes the driving of the car a pleasing experience. To buy the best product, first decide what kind of smell you like, what is your budget, and what kind of perfume will suit your car.

The size of your car is also a big consideration to buy the best product. Buy a refillable and long-lasting perfume that enhances your car’s overall experience. Hop over and shop now!

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