Best Sandwich Maker In India 2019 [Sandwich Griller]

Preparing your favorite sandwich for breakfast or quick snack not anymore require hard work. Thanks to the modern technology in a sandwich maker, it has become a lot easier. The best sandwich maker will let you prepare your favorite sandwiches within no time and without compromising on the taste.

Now that you have planned to buy a sandwich maker, you will surely feel a little confused about which one to choose. Thanks to the immense variety of the sandwich makers available in the market, it is often tough to choose the most suitable one for your needs. If you too are having any doubts about the selection of the best sandwich maker, this article should be your companion.

Best Sandwich Maker in India 2019

Below are best sandwich makers available in India 2019

Prestige PGMFB 800W Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige is one of the names in the industry that you must have heard right from your childhood. The brand has been one of the strong players and thus its product Prestige PGMFB 800W Grill Sandwich Toaster can be easily trusted for a brilliant performance. It makes use of non-stick grilling plates which makes cooking and cleaning very easy.

If you are health conscious, then also you can use this sandwich maker. Thanks to the non-stick plates used in this, it requires a very little amount of oil for preparing the sandwiches and thus will not affect your health as much. The sandwich maker is also one user-friendly product and thus even your kids can use it.

It makes use of 800W of power and thus preserves much of the electricity along with minimizing your electricity bills. You also get a 1-year warranty with this Prestige PGMFB 800W Grill Sandwich  Toaster. This means that you will get healthier sandwiches and efficient services from this sandwich maker. What more can you expect?

Overall, this sandwich maker is worth the invested money in all the ways.


  • Heat resilient body for avoiding harmful touch
  • The anti-slip base for excellent grip
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Affordable price

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Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)

This is another amazing grill toaster available under the Prestige brand. The Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel) has been designed according to the needs of the Indian users and thus can be used without any second thoughts. The grill toaster makes use of 1500W of power consumption for delivering those delicious sandwiches.

For avoiding sticking of the sandwiches on the surface of this product, apply a very little amount of oil or butter, before putting the sandwich in them. If you want to simply prepare a sandwich for yourself, this product will be there for your assistance. You can use this product for both grilling as well as toasting your sandwiches.

Along with this, the uniform heat distribution from this grill toaster makes sure that you get crispy and golden brown sandwiches just the way you like them. The sandwich maker is also easy to clean which adds as an added bonus for its users.

Worried about its price? Well, you don’t have to lose much of your hard earned money for buying this as it is available at an affordable price.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Uses a little amount of oil
  • Uniform heat distribution

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Philips HD 2393 820W Sandwich Maker

This Philips HD 2393 820W Sandwich Maker is one of the best and reliable sandwich maker made for the nuclear families as well as for the couples. If you prefer breakfast in your bed, then this sandwich maker with the space of 2 sandwiches is meant for you. This is also durable and thus you will not face any problems while using it.

Its black body and the non-sticking coating is the best compliment that you can get for your cooking. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you can be sure that your sandwiches will not stick on the surface and will come out hot and crispy. Now, thank god for this, isn’t it?

It stands on its rubber feet which prevents any accidents from accidental fall and also delivers excellent grip. The cool handle of this product will make it so simple to use this sandwich maker for day-to-day uses. The 820W of power consumption is power saving and efficient.

You can get all these features along with many more at just an affordable price. So what are you waiting for?


  • Suitable for couples and nuclear families
  • Push down lock system
  • Compact size

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Havells Toastino Stainless Steel Multi-Grill Sandwich Maker

The Havells Toastino Stainless Steel Multi-grill Sandwich Maker (Black) is for those who like style and efficiency as a combination. The sandwich maker is designed for delivering fast and quick cooking without compromising on the taste of the sandwiches. It is made using the deeper grooves which are non-sticky and allows filling in more stuffing.

You can also get the benefit of cool touch handle with this Havells Toastino Stainless Steel Multi-grill Sandwich Maker (Black). It operates with a power consumption of 650-800W and this makes it energy-efficient as well. You will be delighted to get the benefit of both easy cooking and energy saving in this product.

The coating of this sandwich maker is so that it requires a very minimal amount of oil and thus makes your food healthy. So, you can stop worrying about gaining extra weight while eating the sandwiches. The 2-years warranty will give you the needed assurance for its effective working as well.

You can also be sure with the security of this product with its hinged locking system. Isn’t it a sandwich maker of your dream?


  • Advanced safety features
  • Cool touch handle
  • Stylish design

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Prestige PSMFB 800W Sandwich Toaster With Fixed Plates

Sandwiches are one of the dishes which are loved by everyone, isn’t it? So wouldn’t you want a sandwich maker that can let you try your creativity with your sandwiches without compromising on the health? This Prestige PSMFB 800W Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Plates, Black is one such sandwich maker that is meant to satisfy your creative side.

The matte body of this sandwich maker is so that it avoids any stretches and thus always leaves a long-lasting impression. Along with the dashing design, you also can rely on the minimal power consumption from this sandwich maker. It just requires 800W of power for delivering its various functions in the best possible manner.

This sandwich maker which comes with 1-year of warranty makes it easy to prepare the professional toasts within no time. The non-stick coatings along with clear indicators make the work of the users simple and easy. Also, the high heating capacity of this sandwich maker works wonderfully for making the sandwiches just the way you want. However, this sandwich maker is not suitable for large bread size.


  • Quick working
  • Matte design
  • Non-sticky plates with light indicators

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Nova NSG 2449 1000W Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

Do you prefer your breakfast to get prepared with maximum ease? Wait, but about the cleaning mission after the cooking mess? Well, with Nova NSG 2449 1000W Panini Sandwich Grill Maker (Black/Grey) you can get both – the convenience to prepare your delicious breakfast quickly as well as the convenience for cleaning the after mess.

The Nova NSG 2449 1000W Panini Sandwich Grill Maker (Black/Grey) comes with easy operations and thus can be managed by anyone. Even if you are a beginner, you will have an easy time to handle the operations of this sandwich maker. The auto-shut feature of this sandwich maker ensures that you get the right crisp every time in your sandwiches.

This product uses 1000W of power and thus is known for its constant grills. The body of this sandwich maker is cool touch and thus avoids the risk of accidental touch. Overall, you can use this product even with your children around.

This product perfectly fits for 2 slices of bread and maintains uniform temperature for making your sandwiches healthy and tasty. You also get the warranty of 1-year with this product.


  • Cool touch body
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintains uniform temperature

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Bajaj Majesty New SWX 3 Sandwich Toaster

If you like your sandwich to be just as perfect as the professional sandwiches, then Bajaj Majesty New SWX 3 Sandwich Toaster (White) is the perfect choice for you. The sandwich maker comes with many features that make this product as one of the best products that can be used for making delicious and healthy sandwiches. It is easy to use and extremely portable and thus impresses its users.

This sandwich maker works the best for students as well as for the bachelors. It comes with cool touch surface along with non-stick coatings which ensure to avoid accidental contacts with the machines as well as convenient cooking. The base support of this product is also efficient and thus prevents it from falling from the surface.

It uses the power of 750W which makes it energy-efficient and superbly amazing in use. The white color of this machine adds an unsaid attraction to the sleek and compact design of this machine. You also get the warranty of 2-years with this sandwich maker.

Give your sandwiches the professional touch with the maximum ease with this Bajaj Majesty New SWX 3 Sandwich Bread Toaster (White).


  • Quick and easy working
  • Compact size
  • Professional working

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Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750W 2-Slice Grill Toaster

It won’t be wrong to call this Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750W 2-Slice Grill Toaster (White) as one masterpiece for your kitchen. If you are wondering why we are saying so, then you would have to try this sandwich maker once for experiencing this. It comes loaded with all the desired features that one can expect from a sandwich maker.

To begin with, it comes with an easy to cook and easy to clean cooking surface and thus makes your cooking very convenient. Other than this, you can also clean this toaster very easily after preparing your sandwiches. You should pick this sandwich maker if you want a product with great looks and efficient working.

This Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750W 2-Slice Grill Toaster (White) is an amazingly durable product which operates using only 750W of power consumption. The front handle of this product is extremely comfortable which makes it easy to travel with it. The neon light display of this product makes it really easy to be sure when your sandwich is prepared.

The warranty of 2-years works as a cherry on top of its features.


  • High portability
  • Suitable for bachelors
  • Neon light indicators

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Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000W Grill Sandwich Maker

You can also call this sandwich maker as one of the best Panini Press Sandwich Maker. The brand Borosil knows and understands the requirements of the Indian audiences really well and thus delivers with the product which completely impresses the users. You should definitely pick this sandwich maker if you like innovative technology in your appliances.

One of the major benefits of this product is that it makes the cooking experience really enjoyable and fun-loving. You can actually enjoy cooking along with making delicious sandwiches without any time. This sandwich maker is the need of every modern kitchen and so it should make its place in your kitchen as well.

The large size of this product allows you to make 4 sandwiches in one go. The cooking in this product is faster as well as quicker and thus it minimizes the cooking time. It comes with an oil collector tray which removes the excess oil and thus prevents your kitchen from getting messy or dirty.

It is safe to use and easy to clean and thus is preferred by most of the modern users.


  • Comes with oil collector tray
  • Safe to use
  • Larger plates

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Morphy Richards SM3006 Toast And Grill Sandwich Maker

The one thing that makes this sandwich maker stand out is its design. You will be totally impressed by the design of this sandwich maker as it combines the needs and benefits of modern cooking together. The non-stick plates of this sandwich maker prevent any kind of mess in the cooking.

It comes with removable grill and toast plates and thus assures its easy to clean feature. The neon power light indicators are so made that it can clearly indicate you when your sandwiches are ready and thus you can always be sure of even and crispy sandwiches. It also operates by consuming the power of 750W and therefore is energy-efficient in its nature.

It does require the use of minimum oil for cooking and as a result, you can be sure that your cooked food will be healthy. The uniform heat distribution inside the cooking surface of this Morphy Richards SM3006 Toast and Grill Sandwich Maker (Silver and Black) ensures the needed crisp in your sandwiches. The working of this sandwich maker is supported by 2-years of warranty time which is provided by the brand.


  • Attractive design
  • Compact size
  • Quick working

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Nova NSG 2439 700W Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

This sandwich maker is the preferred choice of those users who prioritize clean and fast cooking over every other thing. Are you one of them? If you don’t want to end up creating a mess after completing your cooking and like an easy to maintain sandwich maker, then this Nova NSG 2439 700W Panini Grill Sandwich Maker (Black/Grey) would make the best choice for you.

The sandwich maker is easy to use the product and thus can be managed by even the beginners. Also, the product comes with over-heating protection which allows you to get only delicious food with every use. The product automatically switches off when the temperature rises above the desired level.

The body and the cooking surface of this Nova NSG 2439 700W Panini Grill Sandwich Maker (Black/Grey) is cool touch which makes sure that there isn’t any accidental touch. Along with this, you can expect to get perfect grills on your sandwiches. The power consumption of 700W provides uniform heat as well as preserving the maximum of electricity.

Enhance the crisp and the taste of your sandwiches with this product like a pro.


  • Suitable for perfect grilling
  • Large size
  • Over-heating protection

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Pigeon Sandwich Griller And Panini Maker 2 Slice 700W

Pigeon is one of that brands which adds the touch of simplicity with convenience in its products. The same simplicity and convenience can be expected by this particular model from Pigeon brand. Therefore, if you are one of those users who like to keep things simple yet effective, then this product would thoroughly impress you with its working.

The large cooking plates of this Pigeon Sandwich Griller and Panini Maker 2 Slice 700W – Black makes sure to prepare food for the entire family in just one go. You can cook at the most 4 slices of bread in this sandwich griller. The non-sticking plates of this product also reduce the need for oil or butter for preparing the food.

Apart from delivering you delicious food without affecting your health, this sandwich griller is known to be energy efficient. It just requires 700W of power for its working which balances your electricity bills as well. The power light indicators of this product help the users to be sure that their food is prepared in the desired manner.

There is a 1-year warranty that comes along with this product.


  • Simple yet effective working
  • Large size
  • Affordable price

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Havells Big Fill 2 Slice 900 Sandwich Griller

As the name suggests, this Havells Big Fill 2 Slice 900 Sandwich Griller (Black) is for those who like to keep it big. It is suitable for large families as it allows cooking the required food in just one go. The large plates of this product ensure to accommodate 2 slices of bread at one time.

The superior quality and the non-stick coating of this product is something with which you will fall in love with the initial use. It can be used for both toasting as well as grilling and thus suits both the purposes. It is that product which matches the quality of professional cooking.

It consumes the power of 900W for performing its functions. As a result, you can be sure that along with giving you quick cooking results, this Havells Big Fill 2 Slice 900 Sandwich Griller (Black) will save much of your electricity as well.


  • Perfect for large families
  • 2-years warranty
  • Professional cooking results

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Oster CKSTSM2223 700W 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

Isn’t it your wish to get a sandwich maker that can serve your entire family in one go along with adding the desired charm in your kitchen? If yes, then Oster CKSTSM2223 700W 2-Slice Sandwich Maker (Black) is what you need. You can be sure of the quality of sandwiches prepared with this sandwich maker because of the amazing grilling plates used in this.

It comes with a non-sticking cooking surface which makes it easy for the users to cook as well as clean the appliance. The automatic thermal control is one distinguishing feature in this product as it allows regulating the desired temperature according to the cooking needs. It also comes with 2-years of warranty.

The use of 700W of power ensures that it will deliver you with the desired cooking requirements without compromising on the electricity bills. The light indicators help in cooking the food just at the desired level. Also, as this sandwich maker comes in a compact size, you can easily store it anywhere you want.


  • Convenient to use
  • Compact size
  • Automatic temperature control

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Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker 750W

This sandwich maker is for the users who like nothing but the best. You get some of the best features in this product which helps in distinguishing this product from the many other available options in the market. The non-stick heating plates of this sandwich maker come with double Teflon coating, which makes this product to last longer.

It uses 750W of power which is sufficient for toasting as well as grilling. Along with this, the Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker (750W, Black) is easy to maintain and clean. So, you can get the maximum convenience as well as comfort while using this product.

You also get the facility of hinged lock for effective sealing of the sandwiches prepared in this. The feature of automatic thermal control can be used for cooking the food just at the right temperature. The red light indicates that the sandwich maker is ready for the cooking while the green light indicates to turn the power off.

The 1-year warranty on this compact size sandwich maker is an additional benefit.


  • LED lights with automatic temperature control
  • Compact size
  • Double Teflon coating

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Pigeon 12283 750W Sandwich Toaster

This product from pigeon is for those who like to keep their cooking simple and effective. This product is available in the compact size and thus makes the best choice for bachelors and nuclear families. The body of this product is shock-proof along with being heat resilient and this ensures the prevention against any harmful accidents.

The non-slide rubber feet of this Pigeon 12283 750W Sandwich Toaster (White) also avoids any fall or slipping by providing excellent grip. The power indicators enhance the convenience of the users for effective and quick cooking. The non-sticking plates not only make the cooking convenient but also reduce the required time for cleaning it.

The use of 750W of power offers effective results for cooking along with preserving the electricity. The working of this product is also supported with 1-year of warranty time. The compact size is convenient to store and to travel with as well.


  • Minimizes the cooking time
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Suits bachelors and nuclear families

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Inalsa Easy Toast 750W 4-Slice Sandwich Toaster

As the name indicates, this Inalsa Easy Toast 750W 4-Slice Sandwich Toaster will make it easy and quick to make your favorite sandwiches. The triangle cut plates of this sandwich maker are non-sticky and thus avoids any unnecessary mess while cooking. If you have minimal home usage, then this product would be best for you.

The power and ready to cook indicators are so added that it makes the work of the users very easy and convenient. The easy locking facility makes the user secure to avoid any mishappening while cooking the food. The base of this sandwich maker comes with an excellent grip to avoid accidental fall.

The overheat safety prevention of this product protects the food from getting over-cooked. You will get only the crispy and yummy sandwiches with the use of this sandwich maker every time. However, you should avoid using heavy fillings in this sandwich maker as it might not get well cooked.

The elegant design along with 2-years of warranty adds on with the popularity of this product amongst the users.


  • Easy to store
  • Overheat protection
  • Triangle cut cooking plates

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Types of the Sandwich Makers:

Are you aware that just like the variety that you get in your sandwich; you also have the same variety for your sandwich maker? Yes, it is not always the same sandwich maker that suits everyone and thus here are some of the different types of sandwich makers available in the market:

  1. Panini Press – this type of sandwich maker is so that it serves the purpose of grilling as well. It has 2 presses, one on the top and second at the bottom. These are very efficient and are multi-purpose as well.
  2. Four Triangle Sandwich Maker – this is just like the traditional sandwich maker but now with four plates and 8 triangles design. These are meant for household use and are cheaper than Panini press.

How to choose the Best Sandwich Maker in India?

Sandwich maker is one of the common kitchen appliances that bring maximum ease to its users. But the same sandwich maker can get troublesome if you haven’t chosen the right and the most suitable one for yourself. We are sure you don’t want that, isn’t it?

Just to ensure that you have selected the most suitable sandwich maker according to your needs, here are some of the factors that you should keep in your mind before making the selection. We are sure these will make you select the best out of the available options of the sandwich maker.


The first thing that matters the most when choosing the sandwich maker is its size. Suppose you are a big family and you have selected a small-sized sandwich maker, do you think it will do justice to your needs? Well, certainly no and you will end most of your time in the kitchen just making sandwiches again and again.

To avoid this, you should consider the size of the sandwich maker in mind. Look at your family size and then make any final decision about the sandwich maker size.

Type Of Surface:

Do you know the surface of your sandwich maker can affect the quality of your food? Not only this, the surface type of the sandwich maker also determines the efficiency of the product. Therefore, not considering the surface type of the sandwich maker can be a big mistake.

Surface type includes the material with which the sandwich maker is coated and since you will be putting your food on that, shouldn’t it be of great quality? Teflon is one of the best choices that you can make as it last longer and is easy to clean.

Non-Stick Coating:

What, your food again got stuck in the sandwich maker? This wouldn’t have happened if you had chosen the sandwich maker with non-stick coating. Such sandwich makers with non-stick coatings will allow you to easily remove the food without sticking to the surface.

And to make things simpler, you would not get any hard time while cleaning them after completing your cooking.

Handle Type:

Since you would be using the sandwich maker on regular basis, not paying attention to its handle type would become quite troubling. You simply would want a handle that doesn’t break or get damaged while using, don’t you? Therefore, you can choose either between:

  • Plastic handles – these are commonly available and are inexpensive
  • Steel handles – these are long-lasting and offers you with maximum strength


Just like you invest in everything after proper examination and analysis, you should do the same while choosing your sandwich maker. The selected model should be worth your money and should give you the total value in return. Even the costliest sandwich maker won’t turn out the best if you didn’t pay attention and on the other hand, the cheaper sandwich maker can become your best companion with the right selection.

How to use a Sandwich Maker?

Bought a new sandwich maker but not sure how to use it? This case usually happens with the beginners and thus it is quite very important to understand the use of the sandwich maker. If you are thinking that the use of sandwich maker would be difficult, then you might be surprised with the ease that it delivers.

Using the sandwich maker is simply a task of some minutes if you are aware of the exact procedure of using it. Well, after thus built-up, we are sure you must be interested in knowing how to use the sandwich maker. So, let us begin with the simple steps that you need to follow for effectively using this amazing kitchen appliance.

  1. Clean the surface of the sandwich maker so as to remove any dust or other particles.
  2. Apply some oil or butter on the surface of the sandwich maker after cleaning it. This will ensure that the food will not stick anywhere on the sandwich maker.
  3. Now plug-in the sandwich heater and close it for some time for pre-heating it.
  4. Now place your favorite sandwich on the bottom surface of the sandwich maker. Securely close the sandwich maker by covering the upper surface and then locking it
  5. Cook the sandwich for the desired time. In general, the cooking time is:
  • 3-4 minutes for lightly toasting the bread
  • 4-5 minutes for moderate toasts
  • 5-6 minutes for a dark golden brown sandwich
  1. Open the sandwich maker and use a spatula for removing the sandwich. Unplug the sandwich maker.
  2. After allowing cooling down the sandwich maker for enough time, use a clean cloth for cleaning the surfaces of the sandwich maker.

With these simple steps, you can every time prepare yourself a nice and delicious sandwich. So are you ready?

FAQs related to Sandwich Makers:

What Is The Difference Between Grill And Sandwich Maker?

Apart from the plates being used, there is not much difference between grill and sandwich maker. In the grill, you get horizontal lines on the bread while in the sandwich maker; you get only one single line as the diagonal for cutting the sandwich into two halves.

Also, in grilling the sides of the sandwich are not sealed while in sandwich maker you get sealed side sandwiches.

Which Is The Best Sandwich Maker In India?

Everyone has different means of choosing their favorite sandwich maker. Some options to be named as best sandwich maker are:

  • Prestige PGMFB 800W Grill Sandwich Toaster
  • Philips HD 2393 820W Sandwich Maker
  • Pigeon Egnite Sandwich Grill
  • Morphy Richards SM3006 Toast and Grill Sandwich Maker
  • Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000W Grill Sandwich Maker

What Is The Best Panini Press To Buy?

The selection of the suitable Panini press depends on many different factors which may vary from person to person. However, some of the best Panini press to buy is as follow:

  • Cuisinart GR-1Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press
  • IMUSA GAU-80102
  • Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500W Non-stick Panini Press
  • Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

What Are The Types Of Sandwiches?

If you are a sandwich lover, then you would like to try various types of sandwiches. Some of the types of sandwiches that you can try are as follow:

  • Baked sandwiches
  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Toast sandwiches

Which one is your favorite? Choose that sandwich maker that can allow you to make all these different types of sandwiches.

How To Clean A Sandwich Maker?

For cleaning your sandwich maker, unplug it from the power and then let it get cool for some time. Then use a clean cloth for cleaning the cooking surface of the sandwich maker. Make sure that you use soft and dry cloth for cleaning else the sandwich maker won’t get properly cleaned.

Conclusion For Best Sanwich Griller:

Sandwich makers were introduced years back and have been modified in their design over the time. It is therefore important to use the sandwich maker with the latest features and design for getting the desired results. The Prestige PGMFB 800W Grill Sandwich Toaster comes with all the advanced features and looks for its users and thus is recommended by us.

We are sure; you would have some doubts or concerns still remaining for choosing the sandwich maker according to your needs. Please do comment all your queries and we would get back to you with the required information and details.

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