Top 10 Best Mattress In India 2019 | Advanced Buyer’s Guide

Were you feeling refreshing after wake up this morning? If not, this could be because of your mattress. A good mattress is one of the most essential elements of the bedroom that guarantees a sound and comfortable sleep. Along with a decent sleep, you will also notice a sustainable improvement in your health.

Are you aware of the best mattress available? The market is full of varying choices of mattresses, so which one will you choose? With this article, you can find some of the trust-worthy names of the mattress that makes the best choices as per the Indian user’s needs.

Best Mattress in India 2019

Below are the reviews of Best Mattresses in India 2019:

WakeFit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Not all the orthopedic mattresses are developed with the sheer precision and detail. Have you ever felt the obvious discomforts even after using an orthopedic mattress? It is because that the mattresses are not designed in the desired manner.

The WakeFit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is technically sound and is developed with just one motive – to deliver restful, comfortable and painless sleep. No matter if you have sleeping problems such as a sore neck, back pain or stress, this mattress comes as one complete solution. It targets the pressure point and delivers the required relief which makes it one trusted name amongst the users.

For delivering an excellent support, the mattress is made using high-quality memory foam. It uses the latest technology that ensures the best of sleep without any disturbance or disruptions. You can easily judge the excellent quality of this mattress as it offers a 20-year warranty time to its users.

To gain the title of the best orthopedic mattress in India, the mattress offers the right amount of firmness to the users. Also, it does complete justice to the major features expected from an orthopedic mattress – durability, comfort, support and a consistent and suitable temperature.

The premium quality cotton fabric quilted covers of the mattress deliver the adequate amount of protection and also enhances its appearance. These covers are reusable and can be easily washed. These mattresses are available in different size, so you can get a suitable mattress for each of your family members.


  • Used high-density memory foam
  • 20 years warranty
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Offers needed firmness

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SleepyCat 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

As the name indicates, you can totally be a sleepy cat by using this mattress called Sleepycat 6 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. No, it doesn’t mean to sleep like a cat; rather it ensures that you can have perfectly sound sleep just as a cat.

This 6″ of mattress offers you a unique combination of gel memory foam and support foam. Keeping the varying needs of the users in mind, the 6-inches of this mattress is divided as 1-inch for gel memory foam and the remaining 5-inches of support foam. As a result, you can trust the effective use of this mattress.

The mattress not only takes care of your sleep but also is dedicated to delivering you a good health. Don’t believe us? Once you sleep on the CertiPUR-US certified foam, you will start believing this. The use of OEKO-TEX certified fabric also ensures good health as it keeps dust, bacteria, and dirt particles away from the mattress.

The zipper covers of premium quality and designer look are easy to use and wash. You can also trust the mattress in maintaining and regulating the body’s temperature as its working is based on the cooling crystals. And it is not just for few hours but the body temperature is regulated throughout the night.

The mattress adjusts to the body contour and this adds an additional feature to the beauty of this mattress. The recommendable back support of this mattress makes it totally worth the investment.

The mattress offers a warranty of 10 years and you don’t even have to pay anything extra for the delivery. Isn’t it worth to buy such a mattress which offers you this much benefits and also saves your money?


  • Zipper covers
  • Uses gel memory foam along with support foam
  • Offers high flexibility

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SleepyCat Plus 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

This is yet another amazing gel memory foam mattress available under the brand of SleepyCat. The mattress has most of the features as similar to the gel memory foam mattress of 6″ but is also an altogether different mattress.

To begin with, the 8-inch thickness of the mattress offers the combination of 2-inches gel memory foam along with 6-inches of high-density base support foam. This allows the user’s body to breathe thoroughly throughout the night. It also comes with a warranty time of 10 years just like that in 6″ mattress.

No matter if you are conscious about your weight; you still can use this mattress as it can even balance your body weight. Thanks to the therapeutic layer of the gel memory foam. It also lowers your body temperature during the night. This is what we call, single mattress with multiple uses.

The use of high-density foam in the support layer provides the needed strength and durability to the mattress. And guess what, it also helps in improving the lifespan of the mattress. The structure of this mattress is so made that it can easily adjust to the body contour.

The ultra-premium covers of this mattress are made using the latest GSM knitted fabric. This doesn’t need to be mentioned that these covers enhance the offered comfort and flexibility for its users. The hand-crafted covers are extremely easy to clean, wash and reuse. There’s hardly anything that can go against this mattress.

This mattress has all the features to be called as the best foam mattress available in India. What do you think? Do you also feel the same?


  • High-density memory foam
  • Combined benefits of gel foam and support foam
  • Therapeutic layer to balance the body weight
  • GSM knitted high-quality cover fabric

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Flo Ergo 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Are you one of those who hates to compromise with your sleep? Do you love getting comfortable and sound sleep as much as you love anything else? If you are quite like this, then you will love trying the Flo Ergo 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress will let you forget the struggle to get a healthy sleep.

The Flo Ergo 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with its 6″ mattress thickness is so designed to bring the maximum support to the back. The ergo design of the mattress also ensures an uncompromised relief from the back pain and spine alignments. It will take away all your fatigue and will deliver you only with the best quality sleep.

The propriety foam used in the mattress makes sure that nobody part sinks in the mattress more than it should. It balances the body weight with pure uniformity throughout the night. It is well-supported with 10 years warranty along with long-lasting lifespan.

If all these features were not good enough to impress you, there is lots more for you. Firstly, it has zero partner disturbances; this means you can never disturb your partner’s sleep, no matter what you do. In addition to this, you also get temperature sensitivity functionality so that the mattress reciprocates to your body temperature, according to the need.

Another interesting advantage of this mattress and one of the finest innovations added is the aloe vera gel infused covers. These aloe vera gel covers are not only responsible for protecting the mattress but also ensure delivering a fresh and youth skin during the sleep.

Now, if you are thinking that you have to invest half of your salary in buying this mattress, then you can totally relax. You can get this mattress with quite an affordable price.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Customization in the mattress is possible
  • 100-night free trial with money back guarantee

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Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Foam Mattress:

This mattress is the result of thorough research about the Indian climatic conditions and also the sleeping conditions of the users. These mattresses are so designed that the users don’t feel any discomfort or health problems while using this. It won’t be wrong to consider these mattresses as one of the most comfortable as well as the most durable mattresses available.

This mattress offers a number of features to its users and thus always has something or the other for its users. It is made of evlon/lux foam which is pretty much at its best to deliver you a good and sound sleep after a tiring day. You can also use the height and weight chart accompanied with this mattress so as to choose the right and fitted mattress for your needs.

One striking feature that you get with this mattress is its use of Intelligent Sleep technology that ensures the maximum comfort level during the sleep. It is a multi-layer mattress with each layer as comfortable as the other one. You will totally love the comfort and support that these mattresses offer to you.

The mattress offer 2-years of warranty, this means that you can be absolutely sure of its quality for at least 2 years. It is available in a pre-assembly state and thus you don’t need to assemble it before use. Simply use the mattress as it comes to your place.

If you are worried about your health condition, then this mattress is so designed that it is comfortable for all the users. No matter, if you have a backache, spine problem or are heavy-weight, this mattress will never disappoint you. It has a medium firm feel and thus suits everyone.


  • Does not need assembling
  • Suits all users, even with medical problems
  • The used foam delivers the best sleeping experience

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Sleepwell Enovation 5-Inch Foam Mattress:

If you are looking for a mattress that can offer you the best results for comfort and firmness along with being in an affordable price, then you can end your search with this Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Foam Mattress. It is available in the medium soft comfort range and thus suits most of its user’s needs.

The mattress does complete justice to its brand name ‘Sleepwell’ as it never fails to deliver a comfortable and sound sleep. The mattress is available in a pre-assembled manner and thus it requires no assembly. It is made using springs.

The only thing that may concern you is that it is not available with the dual side. Other than this, the mattress is quite good in all the departments. It is the looks of the mattress that will thoroughly impress you. It is designed in such a manner that it will give a lavish look to your place along with being comfortable for use.

Although, there is no warranty available on this product, yet the mattress has passed all the expectations of the users. All its users are seen pretty satisfied with their sleeping pattern and the comfort that this mattress delivers to them.

The mattress is 5-inches in its thickness and therefore guarantees a high level of support to the user’s back. This mattress is suitable for people who enjoy firmness and great support. If you want your mattress to be flexible, even then you can choose this mattress. Overall, this mattress is a value for money which can be purchased under an affordable price range.


  • High flexibility
  • Great offered comfort
  • Pre-assembled availability
  • A single double sized mattress

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Coirfit Health SPA Memory Foam Mattress:

Want to buy a mattress within an affordable but also expect the necessary features from the mattress? Try the Coirfit Health SPA Memory Foam Mattress as it is one of the most preferred mattress options which delivers comfort and is also within the affordable range.

This mattress is the result of the latest Coirfit uniqueness and R&D innovative combination. The combination is just perfect for a refreshing sleep as well as a healthy back support. It provides uniform orthopedic support to its users, using the lumbar back support of active bonds.

You can totally rely on this mattress for getting the needed natural contour for your spine. This mattress is designed using the springy soft action which ensures continuous and better blood circulation even in the sleep. Other than this, it also ensures to avoid putting much pressure on your back so that you can enjoy your sleep.

This memory foam health SPA mattress truly justifies its name as it just charges up your senses. Enjoy the amazing orthopedic innovation and give the maximum relaxation to your spine muscles. Yes, you can totally forget about the problem of back pain. Such a relief, isn’t it?

Don’t get worried about the softness quotient of the mattress. It offers you with the needed combination of optimized hardness as expected from an orthopedic mattress as well as the softness, expected from the foam mattresses. Overall, a unique combination of hardness and softness is what that makes this mattress as unique and thus helps to stand distinguished.

This reversible mattress with high resilience foam and zero partner disturbances comes with 11 years of warranty.


  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Eco-fresh advantage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Based on the springy soft action

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Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnel Spring:

Within no time, the Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnel Spring has become quite a popular mattress name in the market. If you want a firm sleep at night, this mattress is something that you should try once. This mattress offers a comfort level of the medium firm and thus promises a firm sleeping surface.

It has been designed using an amazing edge wire technology which offers the needed support to the entire body during the sleep. You will instantly fall in sleep and definitely in love with this mattress. It is a mattress that can be used by everyone but mostly preferred by the people with a minor back pain problem.

Other than the used technology, the mattress also relies on the wire coils for enhancing its support to its users. To avoid the sagging of the mattress and to enhance its ability to retain its shape, the mattress has a strong border wire. This border wire also extends its support to the wire coils and thus delivers that perfect expected support.

Talking about the design and looks of the mattress, these are something that you cannot just ignore. With perfectly knitted quilted fabric to the proper arrangement of the cushions, this mattress will totally impress you. There are high chances of love at first sight!

The mattress ability to balance the body weight uniformly is totally recommendable and is worth the investment. The 6″ mattress comes with a 5 year warranty time with an exclusive pure shock absorbing capability. You can get the most comfortable sleep on this non-flip without worrying about anything.


  • Uses edge wire technology
  • Shock absorption
  • Non-flip soft foam
  • 15 layers comfort

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Coirfit Beetle Coir Mattress:

This is another masterpiece mattress offered by Coirfit. If you think, this is just like any other regular 4″ mattress then you should give it a second thought. This 4″ Coirfit beetle coir mattress is an economical mattress that is designed to have a good night sleep. So, what’s different?

As its strongest attraction and its uniqueness, this mattress has that perfect combination of active bond material and expanded polyethylene foam. Now, this combination there has to be no guessing to get the needed comfort in the sleep. To enhance its benefit to its users, it also comes with one side quilted upholstery cover.

The mattress is designed for all types of users, so even if you are heavy-weight, you still can get the required benefits from this mattress. With its ability to balance the body weight, this mattress will never let you feel any discomfort in your sleep.

Apart from everything, if you are expecting that your health will improve with this mattress, then you have guessed it right. The springy feel of this Coirfit Beetle Coir Mattress ensures to improve the blood circulation of the body. The mattress is ready to use and require no assembling which can save the user’s time and efforts as well.

You can get this mattress in any size and color that you want and thus is one of the most preferred and durable items available. As a cherry on the top of the cake, the mattress offers a warranty of 1 year apart from being available at a really affordable price range.


  • Available in variable sizes
  • Pre-assembled
  • Polyethylene foam and active bond combination
  • Affordable pricing

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Coirfit Magic 4.5-Inch Rubberized Coir Mattress:

It is quite hard to get any other mattress other than the Coirfit Magic 4.5 Inch Rubberized Coir Mattress that can give the same level of comfort. Without a doubt, the mattress does complete justice with its brand name and has maintained its charm as a trusted mattress name amongst the users.

This mattress is designed with rubberized coir and uses a drill fabric quilted cover on the top. Its medium comfort is something that is exactly needed for a sound and comfortable night sleep. If not many, then one thing is totally promised by this mattress and that is the fact that you will never face the problem of back pains again.

The single body and an elegant design of the mattress are totally convincing to catch the attention of the users. On top of it, the mattress is pre-assembled and thus you can instantly use the mattress without the need to invest any time or efforts from your end.

Don’t want that typical boring mattress colors? No worries, this mattress come in a multi-color option and thus suit all types of user’s requirements. The mattress also covers all the manufacturing defects under its offered 1.5 years of warranty.

The 3 layer comforting layers are clear proof to get the most comfortable and undisturbed sleep during the night. To make their users happier, Coirfit offers all these features in this mattress at just an affordable price. What more can one expect for, isn’t it?


  • Single mattress
  • Available in different colors
  • The rubberized coil that delivers comfort
  • Stylish design

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Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress:

Wouldn’t you like to sleep on a mattress that feels light and also offers excellent comfort? Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress is totally one of these kinds. It is well designed to offer you all the features that you can expect, right from the desired comfort, excellent build, innovative technology to be an attractive addition.

To begin, let us start with the most innovative and unique attraction of this mattress, known as the innerspring technology. Thanks to this technology, the mattress offers an excellent back support to its users. This makes the Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress as one perfect mattress for the people dealing with the problem of back pain.

Along with focusing on the inner technology, the mattress also justifies the outer cover needs. It uses unique top foam quilting which provides the extreme softness that adds to the comfort of the mattress. The mattress lasts longer than the other mattress with its anti-corrosive and high carbon wires.

To make this mattress as the trusted name of most of the users, it is designed with Bonnel spring construction. This construction helps in making the mattress light along with an enhanced air flow. The spring support and foam casing reduce the mattress sagging along with edge rolling off.

The mattress is available in a pre-assembled manner and thus requires no assembling. But there is no offered warranty with this mattress. With all this features and benefits, this mattress is known for its reputation of the best mattress for spine problems and pain.


  • Bonnel spring construction along with inner-spring technology
  • Anti-corrosive springs
  • Longer lifetime
  • Best for back pain

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Orthocare Memory Foam  Mattress:

Do you often compromise your sleep due to high stress? Is your current mattress does not offer any benefit against the stress that you face during the sleep? If so, then it is the right time to change your old mattress and get the Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress. The mattress is specially designed to relieve the stress of the users and give them a comfortable sleep.

The mattress not only focuses on a great and comfortable sleep at night but also encourages a healthy living. Therefore, it is designed to reduce the user’s stress levels. This mattress is soft on its top which guarantees comfort during sleep and is firm at its bottom which ensures the needed comfort.

One major advantage that this mattress gives to its users is of dual comfort. Being a reversible mattress, it can be used from both the sides as per the comfort need and expectations of the users. The high resilience bottom foam delivers great support from head to toe.

Attracting the attention, the mattress also offers a deluxe cushioning of 2″cool memory foam. The cushioning foam is so that it takes the shape of your body as you change your sleeping position along with regulating the body’s temperature. This helps in relieving the stress points of the body for getting the needed peaceful sleep.

The mattress is totally suitable for all types of users and thus, you don’t need different mattresses for everyone. However, the mattress should be avoided by the pregnant women. To enhance its looks and design, it uses a high GSM quilted knitted breathable fabric.

Along with a warranty of 5 years, you also get an assurance of the foam quality with the ISO certification.


  • Uses new GSM breathable fabric
  • Regulates the temperature
  • Offers dual comfort
  • Releases stress

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Nilkamal Sneham XL Rubberized Coir Mattress:

Say bye-bye to the waking discomforts and bring a new freshness as you wake up with the Nilkamal Sneham XI Rubberized Coir Mattress. This rubberized coir mattress is such an amazing product that it will instantly suit your needs and will give you the needed freshness. It is made using the high-quality material which increases the lifespan of the mattress.

It is excellently designed to reduce the pressure on the body points and to provide the maximum relief to the user’s back. If you have back problems and are looking for a mattress that can be used to get maximum comfort, support and relief then you should try the Nilkamal Sneham XI Rubberized Coir Mattress.

It comes in a pre-assembled manner, so you can easily use it without wasting any time. It also offers a warranty of 2 years against all types of manufacturing defects. This maroon color mattress is a perfect fit for queen size beds.

This mattress avoids any discomforts to the body muscles and thus is used by most of the users. The top cover of the mattress is of PVC quality which is trusted to get the expected softness. You can be sure of your body’s health with the combined pleasure of top layer softness and bottom firmness of this mattress.

This mattress is also an excellent choice for getting an assurance of excessive lumpy feel. The feature of good ventilation also targets in keeping the body’s temperature as per the need. Thus, you can get cool and fresh sleep, if you are using this mattress.


  • Regulates the body’s temperature
  • Excellent against back pain
  • PVC top cover
  • Offers good ventilation

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Springtek Eurotop Ortho Plus 6-Inch Bonded And Memory Foam Mattress:

If you are looking for a mattress that will never compromise with your quality sleep and will also deliver you with the required back and neck support, then this Springtek Eurotop Ortho Plus 6-Inch Bonded and Memory Foam Mattress would make the perfect choice for you. The mattress is complete as per the user’s expectations and thus never fails to impress its target audiences.

The mattress offers an innovative combination of bonded and memory foam. This ensures that the mattress is perfect for adjusting as per the body’s needs. You can also expect to get the desired support for your back, even if you are dealing with the back pain problem for a long time.

The comfort level offered by this mattress is a medium firm which makes it suitable for almost all the users. This means all the family members can have their ‘me time’ on this mattress along with enjoying the perfectly sound sleep at night. You will also get 6 years warranty time with this mattress against all the manufacturing defects.

Talking about the covers of the mattress, you are likely to get high-quality premium quilted knitted upholstery material covers. These are sufficient enough to catch the attention of the people and also to add the charm to your place. You can also use the mattress on the king size bed.

The zero partner disturbances along with the body adaptability feature are some of the other highlights of this mattress. This single Eurotop orthopedic mattress ensures to be as soft as you want and also to be as firm as to support your back. You will never regret buying this mattress.


  • Combined benefits of bonded and memory foam
  • Can easily adjust with the body’s position
  • Zero disturbance to the partner

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Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring Mattress:

Talking about this mattress, this Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring Mattress is another attempt of Springtek to impress its users with a quality mattress. Just like most of the Springtek products, even this product is guaranteed to deliver the necessary support and comfort to its users.

To ensure that this mattress can be used by most of the users, it has been designed with the high-quality pocket spring and high-density foam. This combination is perfect for the people who are looking for a mattress for delivering relief to the lower back pain.

Also, if you want a sound sleep during the night without being disturbed by your own sleeping movements, even then this spring base mattress would make as the best choice. The spring base of this mattress will adjust to the requirements of the body during the sleep.

The medium firm comfort level just confirms the fact that the mattress will never ditch you with its constant and uniform back support. Its 6-years warranty against the manufacturing defects will protect the mattress against all the leading troubles. This means that you can enjoy a long-lasting lifespan of the mattress.

This single high durable mattress can be used from both sides and thus fulfills the comfort requirements of the users according to their needs. It is a semi-soft mattress which is made using the high tensile carbon Magnese alloy springs. Supporting the undisturbed sleep from 3-layer comfort zone is the soft GSM outer fabric which is made of anti-microbial knitting.


  • No removable covers
  • Suitable for queen size beds
  • Reversible mattress; can be used from both the sides

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Springwel Ecosoft Pocket Spring Mattress:

This mattress is specially designed for those people who like to enjoy the delight of sleeping to the maximum. If you are that users who are conscious about their health even while sleeping along with getting the comfort and bounce, then this Spring Well Ecosoft Pocket Spring Mattress is made for you.

You can surely have an amazing night sleep with this mattress. What makes us so sure about this, are the features that this mattress offers to its users. It is made using fine premium quality of fabric which is extremely soft and plush.

The design pattern of this mattress easily matches any room décor and thus you can be absolutely sure to use this mattress for your place. In short, its beautiful design will thoroughly impress you and give your place a fresh look. You will instantly fall in love with its looks and design.

Talking about its unique quality, it delivers needed warmth and comfort to the body according to the need of different individuals. This means you really don’t have to keep changing your mattress for different members. All the members can preferably use the same mattress and get the expected comfort.

The pocket spring has the highest coil counts that are made using the tempered steel springs. These springs are covered in the individual pockets which results in more bounce in the mattress. The high-density PU foam is an added advantage to the mattress.

You can use this mattress from both the sides. The mattress will positively give you the needed support and comfort during the night while it will also make sure that you wake up fresh and energetic. It comes with a 5-year warranty period on all the manufacturing defects.


  • Zero disturbance partner’s movements
  • High-density PU foam
  • Suits all types of users
  • Attractive design and looks

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Euro Dreams Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress:

This mattress is one of those premium mattresses that is designed to deliver its users with just one possible need and that is a comfortable night sleep. The mattress is one of the best products that deliver comfort, relaxation and most importantly a comfortable night sleep.

One feature that helps the mattress to outshine every other mattress in the market is the technology used in its making. It is based on the NASA technology of senses. According to this technology, the memory foam in the mattress senses and shapes itself as per the needs of the users.

This allows the users to have a sound sleep during the night without any inconvenience and disruptions. Other than this, the mattress releases the stress and pressure points of the body. This makes the body light and it can easily fall asleep. It offers the comfort level as medium firm and thus is preferably used by most of the users.

Another quality of this mattress is its temperature sensitivity with which it stimulates the body’s temperature and helps in delivering a comfortable sleep. The mattress is well-protected against all the manufacturing defects with its warranty of 5-years. So, you can use the mattress for as long as you want.

Last but not the least impressive thing about this mattress is its design and looks. The mattress is knitted using a luxurious fabric along with the quilting using the chain stitching. The anti-bacterial and anti-allergic qualities of the fabric prevent any harm to the health of the users. Overall the design of the mattress is distinguished and so well made that it can easily adjust with any of the home décors.

Being a user, if you are using this mattress, we are quite sure that you will tend to sleep in the same position for more than 6 hours. Would you like this amazing mattress?


  • High-density polyurethane foam
  • Luxurious anti-bacterial and anti-allergic fabric
  • Balances the body weight
  • Adjusts according to the body’s temperature

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Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress:

The most common problems that most of the couple faces are the disturbance caused due to the other person’s sleeping movements at night. Neither they get the needed comfortable sleep nor do they find the desired sleeping position. If you also are dealing with a similar situation, then Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress is the right mattress for you.

One of the major reasons for buying this mattress is that it gives you the exact same feel as that of a luxurious mattress in a hotel. The comfort level delivered by those mattresses is totally unmatched, isn’t it? But with this mattress, you can get the same comfort level and that too within an affordable price range.

The mattress is well-supported with a comfort layer of the PU foam, which is one of the best known in the market. The spring base of the mattress is so designed that the springs are adjusted in their individual pockets. The individual packet of the springs ensures that the mattress adapts the user’s sleeping position and delivers the comfort accordingly.

Another attractive feature of this mattress is the zero disturbance from your partner’s movement. Again the construction of the mattress is so amazing and effective that you won’t feel a thing or any disturbance due to your partner’s movements. As a result, you and your partner can enjoy the sound and comfortable sleep.

With over 35 years of experience in the market, the brand has now gained the trust and reliability of the users. The brand also does complete justice with their mattresses as per the expectations of the users. Brand ensures that their customers never face any problems and thus offers 11-years warranty time with this mattress.

Another reason to buy this mattress is its soft and smooth feel. It makes you feel alive when you are sleeping on this mattress. Thanks to its qualities, your skin will glow like never before.


  • High flexibility
  • Soft and smooth touch
  • Highly comfortable
  • Temperature sensitive

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Euro Dreams Eurofit Bonded Foam Mattress:

Looking for a mattress that will deliver totally worthy value for the invested money? Looking for a mattress that will never come in your way to get a sound comfortable sleep? If you love sleeping and want a mattress that is best known for delivering unmatched comfort quality, then Euro Dreams Eurofit Bonded Foam Mattress will be your true companion.

Most of the health experts have suggested to use a mattress that is a comfort and deliver the needed support to the back and neck. The Euro Dreams Eurofit Bonded Foam Mattress totally matches with these requirements. The mattress is totally a value for money kind of product which will never disappoint you.

One of the major requirements of the Indian users is having the high durability of the mattress. By using the super-dense bonded foam, the mattress is protected against any kind of sagging and thus is high on its durability count. With high durability, this mattress also offers better support and excellent comfort during the sleep.

Another quality of this mattress is that it is orthopedically sound. This means that if you have the problem of back pain, you still can use the mattress and can sleep on it without enhancing your problem or its effects. Rather sleeping on this mattress will help you to get relief from your problem.

This 4″ mattress is a reversible mattress and you can easily use the mattress from both its sides. This is yet another quality of this mattress that it can deliver the required amount of comfort to the body according to its varying needs. With its ability to release pressure points, your body will feel extremely happy on this mattress.

It offers a firm comfort level and is secured against all kind of manufacturing defects till the warranty period of 2 years. Though the warranty time is less, you will still never face any problems with this mattress.


  • Super-dense bonded foam
  • Delivers value for money
  • Simple in looks and effective in functioning

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Sleepyhead 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress:

This mattress is specially designed as per the Indian beds and thus is one of the most preferred Indian mattresses available. If you need the maximum amount of firmness along with an adequate bounce in the mattress, then this mattress would make the right choice for you.

As an introduction of this mattress, this is one of the best mattresses for the couples and should be avoided by the senior citizens and pregnant women. The mattress offers the maximum support to the couples without causing any disturbance. The zero partner disturbance feature of this mattress allows you to have a comfortable sleep in your desired position without disturbing your partner.

It offers its users layers of memory foam and spring foam. This combination of the mattress makes it a delight for the users to sleep on this mattress. Also, as a combined benefit of the memory foam and spring foam, the mattress can easily breathe in all kind of climates and thus lasts for long.

It is the most suitable for the queen size beds and also offers a warranty period of 5-years. The warranty covers all the manufacturing defects for the mattress. Along with this, the mattress saves the time and efforts of the users by coming in the pre-assembled state and hence, requires no assembling.

If you are still not convinced to buy this mattress, you also get a 100-nights trail in which you can make up your mind. Although you can try looking for any issues in the quality and performance of the mattress, it would be extremely hard to do so.

The mattress offers maximum firmness to all types of users. The 3 comfort layer provides the right density levels to the users. The mattress covers are made with high-premium quality which allows them to be easily washed and reused.

Overall, the high-quality outer fabric, desired amount of firmness, bounce, and flexibility along with the right density combines together and make this mattress as one of the best in the Indian market.


  • 100 nights trail
  • Suits all types of user
  • High-quality outer fabric
  • Adjustable to body movements

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Take Care 5-Inch Single Size Double Comfort:

This mattress is one perfect product that is designed to always deliver its users with the quality of sleep without any disruptions. If you are looking for a mattress that is excellent in its design and efficient in its functions, then this mattress is the right choice for you. The mattress can be used by all kinds of users, be it kids or adults.

The mattress is made using the right combination of active bond material and high-density foam. The available springs in the bottom of the mattress stimulate the blood circulations along with maintaining the right blood flow, even during the night sleeping positions. It is well-protected against the manufacturing defects with its 5-years warranty.

If you are one of those who also wants their mattress to look good in design and style, even then Take Care 5-Inch Single Size Double Comfort is a perfect choice. The stylish design and looks of this mattress make it compatible to mix with any room décor. The ergonomic design of the mattress also helps in balancing the body weight.

The ability of the mattress to balance the body weight of its users allows all types of users to sleep on this mattress. This means that you don’t have to change your mattress every time for different users. The high-quality foam used in the mattress delivers proper and desired amount of support to the back of the users.

Apart from the mattress, the covers of the mattress are also of the high-quality. The available covers with the mattress are easy to wash and reuse. These are also anti-bacterial and anti-allergic which makes sure that they are well-protected against dust, dirt, and pollution.

One striking feature of this mattress is its ability to offer the needed softness and hardness altogether. A single mattress is sufficient to deliver its users of the desirable softness from one of its side and the desired amount of hardness from the other side.


  • High-density foam
  • Delivers softness and hardness from its individual sides
  • Suitable for all kind of users

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Euro Dreams Orthopedic Memory Foam:

This mattress is known to be famous amongst the users for its high-end durability and support for the various health issues. You will totally get the value for money after buying this amazing mattress.

The use of super dense memory foam in this mattress ensures minimum sagging as well as enhanced support and comfort for the users. The comfort level offered by this mattress is firm and it comes with a warranty of 2 years.

One of the greatest advantages that you will get with this mattress is its orthopedic support for the people suffering from back pain. With the regular use of this mattress, you will see significant relief in your back pain and you will feel more refreshed every morning.

The mattress is also high on the durability front. As it can be used from both the sides, you get the long life of the mattress and thus more durability even with the regular use. This 4″ mattress is nothing less than a wonder for its users which focuses on delivering only a refreshing and sound sleep every night.

The mattress also ensures delivering body weight management. This means the mattress will perform perfectly even with the heavy-weight users. Also, the mattress is designed to adjust with the user’s body movement for delivering them the needed support during the sleep.


  • High-density premium foam
  • Body weight adjustment
  • Stimulation and effective blood circulation during the sleep

How to choose the Best Mattress in India 2019?

Nothing compared to good night sleep, isn’t it? In case, if you haven’t found the best mattress for yourself, here are some of the considerable factors for choosing the best mattress in India:

Types Of Mattresses:

It’s not just 1 or 2 mattresses but many different kinds of mattresses are waiting for you out there. Different people have different requirements from the mattresses which may depend on their personal choice, body types, etc. Also, remember not all the people are comforted by the same type of mattress. Therefore, you must be aware of the different types of mattresses available.

1. Hybrids mattresses – these are the mattresses which are designed using the different combinations of latex, coils, memory foam, polyurethane foams along with the other materials. These mattresses focus on enhancing certain benefits while also focuses on minimizing the varying flaws. These suit majority of the sleepers and offers

  1. Great bounce
  2. Comfort
  3. Support
  4. Cooling

2. Latex mattresses – these are made from latex foam that offers comfort and coolness to the sleepers. It suits the people who desire sleeping on foam but don’t want contour and pronounced hug. They offer

  1. Bounce
  2. Cooling effect
  3. Responsiveness

3. Memory Foam Mattress – these are made using the memory foam. Though these are known for being hot, the recently developed memory mattresses are coming with cooling properties. These are suitable for the sleepers who are looking for great support, body shaping, and pressure relief. They offer

  1. Body contouring
  2. Body shaping
  3. Excellent support

4. Pillow-top Mattress – these are made by adding an additional layer of either stuffed or cover-sewn soft material. These are the most suitable for the sleepers looking for extra comfort and a softer cushion. They offer

  1. Cushion comfort
  2. Softness
  3. Extreme comfort

5. Adjustable mattresses – these are the mattresses which have the ability to change their sleeping position according to the need of the users. These are suitable for people having any medical condition and thus require a particular position to sleep. They offer

  1. Support and comfort
  2. Specific sleeping position
  3. Massages, vibration and heat therapy to the users

6. Gel mattresses – these mattresses use gel instead of foam. This mattress is quite different than the other mattresses available and is generally preferred by heavy sleepers. These mattresses offer:

  1. Better airflow circulation
  2. Temperature control
  3. Great comfort

Life Of Mattresses:

Did you know, your mattresses also have age. Yes, they too grow old. The life of the mattress majorly depends on your sleeping pattern. According to most of the experts, you should replace your old mattresses if it is more than 8 years. Though there are many mattresses which last more than 8 years, it is the general time period of most of the mattresses.

Therefore, you should take a look at the life of the mattresses that you have chosen so as to get the desired quality for maximum time. The chosen mattresses should be so that it can deliver you the comfort for the maximum amount of time.

The Budget Of The Mattress:

Do you often relate the quality of the mattress with its budget? Do you also think that only the high budgeted mattresses are good in quality? This is where most of the buyers make mistake and end up paying more than their decided budget.

While buying the mattress, do keep in mind that money does not always mean a high-quality mattress. You should stick to your decided budget and then choose a mattress which is comfortable for you. In this ways, neither you will go out of your decided budget nor will get an uncomfortable mattress.

The Firmness Of The Mattress:

In simple words, firmness of the mattress is nothing but a measure of how hard or soft a mattress is. The firmness of the mattress is normally subjective in nature as it may vary from person to person. Some may feel a mattress soft while the other may feel the same mattress as hard.

Other than this, your body type, size, weight, and body needs are the other considerable factors that define the firmness of the mattress. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is that firmness and comfort offered by the mattress are two different things and should not be confused when buying the mattress.

The Comfort Offered By Mattress:

This is yet another important factor that you should keep in mind when selecting the right type of mattress. Comfort is the ability of the mattress to keep your spine in the right and proper alignment. A mattress that offers good comfort means that it knows how to keep your spine in the most proper alignment so that you feel comfortable.

If the mattress does not offer a good comfort, you could possibly end up with the problem of back up. Therefore, while selecting the mattress, first you should look for the comfort factor, which means you should be sure that your back is in the perfect and suitable alignment.

Your Body Weight:

Most of the buyers never pay attention to their body weight when buying a mattress. Are you also confused as to how your body weight can be a reason for choosing the most suitable mattress for you? Well, as a surprise, it is one important factor. The support, cooling effect, comfort, body contour, hug, etc. that you expect to get from the mattress largely depends on your body weight.

  • If your body weight is less and you are a lighter sleeper, you should select the universal comfort mattress whose firmness ranges in between 0.5 to 1 less than what you need
  • If your body weight is on the average side and you are an average sleeper, then you are quite lucky as most of the mattresses are perfect for you
  • If your body weight is heavy and you are a heavy sleeper, then choosing a mattress with at least 4″ comfort layers would make the best choice

Types Of Users:

Different users have different needs and therefore, they should select different mattresses for them, depending upon their body needs. You must also pay attention to your sleeping position while you select the mattress. Here is some important information related to this:

  • Side sleepers – you must select a mattress which is soft to medium, giving proper alignment to back, spine, and neck and should avoid spring mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers – you should try sleeping on the softer mattresses that reduce the pressure on the back. You can select the advanced foam mattress for your need and should avoid spring mattress
  • Pregnant woman – memory foam mattresses are often the best choice for pregnant women and should avoid extremely soft mattresses
  • The couple – memory foam or latex mattresses are the best suited for couples. They can also try the bouncy mattresses
  • Kids – you can choose latex mattress for the kids as these are harmless because of the use of natural chemicals for its making. Avoid using memory foam mattresses
  • Back pain user – people with back pain are suggested to use the orthopedic mattresses as it will reduce the pressure on the back
  • Senior users – for senior adults mattresses like gel memory foam or memory foam would make the best choice


Having a nice, comfort and the soothing mattress is the untold secret of having a healthy living and a happy life. If you are compromising with the mattress quality, then there is a lot more than you are compromising with. Take a moment, think about your needs and then choose the most suitable mattress according to your needs.

In case, if you still haven’t decided on any name, here are some of our recommendations for you:

  • Best memory foam mattress: Coirfit Health SPA Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best Orthopedic mattress: Euro Dreams Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best Rubberized mattress: Coirfit Magic 4.5-Inch Rubberized Coir Mattress
  • Best mattress for side sleepers: Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

If you still have any doubts regarding the selection or use of the different mattresses, do get in touch with us by commenting below. We will definitely try to bring you the best solutions with the help of our team experts. Also, feel free to share any of your experiences with the mattress of your choice. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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